Hotel Terminus

Hotel Terminus continues along trajectories found throughout artist Stephen Lapthisophon's installations and collages. It weaves fragments of an everyday variety into a complex structural dialogue. Individual images are often altered and slightly transformed, as if lost or misfiled by our memory. Personal snapshots, fragments of text, newspaper clippings, corny bits of nostalgia, and a multitude of unidentified detritus are here collected together and organized into a visual treatise on knowledge and emotion.

I. Against Binary Thinking
II. On the Use and Abuse of History for Everyday Life
III. Abstract Art Between the Wars
IV. Persistence of Vision
V. The Decorative Impulse
VI. Feline Feelings
VII. The Life of Emotions
VIII. Facts and Figures
IX. Disturbances Within the Frame
X. The Book of Books
XI. The Nostalgia for Things Never Experienced
XII. The Tropological Dimension
Appendices and Index

Published by WhiteWalls, 1999

University of Chicago Press

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