Notebook 1967-68

Notebook 1967-68 is taken from American poet Robert Lowell’s text of the same name. 1967 marks the year of the first Arte Povera exhibitions in Italy, and Lowell’s book chronicles the poet’s life that year, interweaving the personal and public with attention to history, as well as the presence of literary and cultural figures. Lowell’s Notebook 1967-68 served as an influence on Lapthisophon’s project Tocarre (Non) Tocarre at the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas, Texas and also as a model for the mixing of historic, public and private narratives. The book became a document of the multi-stage project and a space for Lapthisophon to explore auxiliary subjects such as European-American culture, the artwork-as-archive, and the boundary between art and its trace.

Published by The Nasher Sculpture Center, 2016

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